Wells Civic Society


Wells Civic Society

Founded in 1952, Wells Civic Society is at the heart of the beautiful City of Wells – offering events, partnerships and pro-active projects for everyone in the place we love.

Charity Commission No. 208574

Chair: Chris Winter
Website: Netus Organicus

wells civic society

These are top of our agenda for 2016:

wells civic society - neighbourhood plan

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan – a new planning tool which we are working with the City and District Councils to bring about, to give greater democracy to local decision making. See dedicated pages.

wells civic society plaques


We will be adding more plaques to those already placed around the City celebrating notable people and places, and commending local business for their contribution to the City.

wells civic society mosaic


Plans are going ahead with mosaic artist Ruth Ames-White for a 6m diameter mosaic in the grounds of the Bishop’s Palace which will be a visitor attraction and offer information about the historic city.

Last year’s achievements:

  • Exhibition in partnership with the museum and city archivist
  • Planting and dedication of trees planted in the Palace Fields in celebration of the Boyne family’s contribution to the Society
  • Continue to work with others to enhance the visitor experience of the City and support the tourist economy
  • Working with Trustees of the Museum on the future of visitor information services
  • Contributed to Wells in Bloom
  • Taken forward the Neighbourhood Plan to the pre-submission stage and we continue to work with St Cuthbert Out and Mendip District councils on the Plan
  • Hosted a visit from colleagues from the Bridgwater Society